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Welcome to our brand new Jackie Leven website, put together by some very kind friends of mine – as you will see, we intend to have quite a few regular features which will change every month. Also, I’m sure we’ll get better at what we’re doing as time goes by. However, I’m always puzzled when I read that kind of rationale about new restaurants – critics say this or that wasn’t working, but put it down to ‘teething problems’ that the just- opened restaurant is, ‘understandably’, experiencing. Why is that? They designed the bloody restaurant, got the personnel they wanted to cook in it and run it – it’s just a room in which you ferry food from one location to another – what can go wrong?...god I’m a harsh bastard – I suppose I mean that I’m fascinated to find out what I can do with this wonderful outlet, and can’t wait to see how it develops.

On August 18th I have a great new studio album coming out on Cooking Vinyl records. It’s called LOVERS AT THE GUN CLUB – I think it’s in my top three all-time great records – I’ll be interested to see what you think – do let me know – unless of course you don’t like it...
Also, very soon, we’ll let you hear a bit of music from an excellent live album which will be out soon. It’s called LIVE FROM A CORNISH PUB IN GERMANY and features THE JACKIE LEVEN SMALL WORLD ORCHESTRA. Superb Greek viola playing, plus me on top form, with Kevin Foster on bass guitar and Michael Cosgrave playing all sorts of things. We’re sending it to you in a very simple format, BUT I will be writing to you if you buy it, sending you a personalised letter with some unpublished lyrical content from my vast vault of good words that have yet to see the light of day. If you’ve already sent off for this album via myspace or pre-ordered it at shows, it’ll be with you very soon. It will not be in the shops – cos there ARE no shops, or at least not many!
The second half of the year if going to be very very busy for me – I hope to see you out there on the road – sometimes I play a town and someone will say to me “what are you doing HERE?” Everybody’s got to be somewhere.......

DETAILS FOR BUYING ‘LIVE FROM A CORNISH PUB IN GERMANY (ps – the pub in called Steinenhaus and is in the steel city of Solingen – one of those rare, totally magical evenings – ahhh!) You need to send a cheque or postal order for £10 made out to
Jackie Leven
c/o Deborah Greenwood
beyond agency.
London W1F 8BH
and allow about six weeks for delivery- sometimes I'm recording or touring, so I'll send your letter when I get back and I can get the terriers to lick the stamps. It's a strictly limited edition offer (or I'll get a sore arm from writing), so don't leave it too long!
Album includes: – Blue soul dark road, Book of hobos, Elegy for Johnny cash, Vibration white finger, Moscow train, Revenge of memory, Snow in central park, King of the barley, In search of stone, Main travelled roads and some great humorous stories
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